Premium Vision Quest Fast

Premium Vision Quest Fast

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Are you prepared to take on 2019?

Declare it with the authority of God and go after the vision that He has placed in your heart!

The Vision Quest Fast is designed to precede the creation of your 2019 vision journal, showing you how to fast and pray to learn the vision that God has for you or to go deeper and gain more clarity of the vision that He may have already shown you. Once you have completed the fast, you can move on to the Vision Journal Creation Training and begin walking out your vision for 2019.

In this package you will receive seven days of prayer prompts, instructional journal (Fasting for a Move of God), vision journal creation training via live webinar, instructional journal, exclusive access to the private Facebook group, ALL creation supplies (journal, magazines, markers, & more!), and BONUS completion materials.

This is a Black Friday special price. All digital downloads will be received via email beginning Friday, 23 November 2018. Sale ends midnight on Monday, 26 November 2018.

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