Dreamers Mastermind

Dreamers Mastermind

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Whether you consider yourself a dreamer or simply desire to begin your new year differently in order to receive different results, this Dreamer Mastermind is for you.

Within the Write the Vision community, we will begin journeying together on 22 July, and over the course of the remainder of the year in 7 week increments (7 is the spiritual number of completion) to create a spirit-led vision board with actionable steps that will allow you to end 2018 secure in your vision and begin 2019 walking in your purpose.

Week 1 - War Room/Prayer Space Creation

Week 2 - Seeking God’s Purpose

Week 3 - Relationships: who do we need to be free of?

Week 4 - Relationships: who do we need to forgive/reconnect with?

Week 5 - Abundance

Week 6 - A Spirit of Thankfulness

Week 7 - The Road to Completion

What you will receive:

All supplies needed to begin creating your vision journal * Access to the closed Facebook mastermind group * Weekly assignments * Weekly live trainings in the Facebook group to follow up and solidify the week’s assignments * Weekly live prayer call * Initial clarity call, check-in call at week 4, and mastermind completion call * Dreamer Life Planner and Journal

The Dreamer Life Planner and Journal includes 16 self-care assessment questions, 12 entrepreneur/career assessment questions, 5 fear assessment questions, self-care strategy and blank calendar pages, 90-day goals and weekly task sheets, brain dump sheets, journal pages, and burn cards.

**NOTE: If you select the weekly payments option below, once you have subscribed, you must navigate back to this page and click the weekly payments info button and fill out the form to ensure that you receive all of your information and supplies.

Session dates begin as follows:

Sunday, 30 July 2018

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Sunday, 11 November 2018

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