uncommon decadence

...found in North Charleston, South Carolina  


Located in North Charleston, South Carolina, Charleston Dessert Diva is a purveyor of specialty and custom desserts from creative baker    Kimberly Simmons. 

Having been introduced to baking by her mother and grandmother at a young age, Kimberly found a passion for creating desserts that satisfy not only your sweet tooth but also your soul. 

Referred to by clients as "the sweetest comfort food," our selections aim to speak to your heart and your belly. 

Charleston Dessert Diva offers both traditional and uncommon desserts as well as desserts upon request** and specialty cakes. 


**Per the discretion and approval of the baker. 



Lillie-Helen Foundation for Stroke Awareness, Education, & Prevention — Co-founded in 2010 by Michelle Garrett and Kimberly Simmons to honor the legacy of their grandmothers who passed away from stroke complications. The mission of the Lillie-Helen Foundation is to bring awareness to the community through health and wellness education and prevent stroke occurrence through risk assessment and health screening services.

New Beginning Girls' Center — NBGC is being established to aid teenage mothers and young women at risk by providing life skills training, counseling services, and work opportunities as well as entrepreneur education. Eight dollars ($8) of every order goes to the establishment and furtherance of the work being done with NBGC. 


Satisfied Customers

"You don't find a lot of people taking time to make everyday desserts the way she does." — Lynette C. 

"I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!" — Kym S. 

"I've ordered a birthday cake from her for mine and my mom's birthdays and peach cobbler for my husband, and they were so good I started having events just to order dessert." — Dawn C.

"The Kitchen Sink brownies are my favorite; I can't wait to try the new version!" — Shalonda S.  

"I told her that if she ever needs a taste-tester to feel free to call me." — Latrice H.